Market Update // How to handle this (painful) sideways market

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 | Leave a comment

After 3 strong market years the last 6 months has been downright frustrating for many investors. The S&P 500 has come close to breaking into new all-time highs on 3 occasions the past few months, only to fail each time and retreat.

To many, this feels like the end of the bull market, and a start to a bear.

History, however, tells us a different story. It tells us that sideways markets are pretty normal. And more importantly, it tells us that the exit from a sideways market is more often than not, the same direction it was prior to the sideways market.

In todays video (a long one too – coming in at about 16 minutes), I share 3 very important charts that should help investors stay smart in this rather frustrating market. The last thing we want to do here is panic (you’ll see why in the video), or to start chasing the latest hot market (never wise).

Rather, what we really need to do is be patient. It’s boring, but it works. It’s frustrating, but it works. It won’t be long and the next market direction (other than sideways) will likely be revealed.

Enjoy today’s update…and stay tuned on the breakout from this sideways market in the coming months (or sooner).


Jason Wenk

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