Danger: Con Artists Masquerading as Financial Advisors Coming to a Town Near You!

Friday, November 11 2011 | 2 Comments

I’ll probably do a weekly market update tomorrow – but ran across something today I had to share with my blog readers. As a financial advisor I’m constantly being bombarded by companies trying to sell me their products/services; or trying to get me to try to sell my clients their products/services.  99% of the time…

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Crazy Lies (or mis-statements) of Annuity Sales People (who call themselves financial advisors)

Tuesday, April 12 2011 | 5 Comments

Hello All, In my last post I talked about what was shaking in the world of the fantasitc (sarcasm noted) prodcuts known as index annuities.  What we learned, I hope, is that there are a lot of expenses you never know exist and a lot of people, companies, etc – that get paid when you…

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Investors Beware – Financial Product Companies at it Again

Tuesday, April 5 2011 | Leave a comment

So, thinking about buying one of those super-duper annuities the insurance companies created just to solve all your investment concerns?  You know, the one that offers a nice bonus, lots of ways for you to make “safe money” and “sleep at night?” I sure hope not. In my upcoming book I talk a lot about…

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