Is This Finally the Real Market Correction?

Monday, August 19 2013 | Leave a comment

I’ve got some thoughts on where I think the market could be heading over the next few weeks…and it’s not pretty.  I hope I’m wrong, but if not you’ll want to check out today’s market update video to be prepared. Enjoy and just use the comments section if you have any thoughts or questions. Best,…

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A Terrible Investing Week – Why and What Happens Next?

Sunday, June 2 2013 | Leave a comment

Last week I published a market update video just after noon eastern time. At that moment, the market was down slightly, but not by a lot. The last few hours though, the stock market tanked. After the dust settled, it was a 200+ point decline for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and nearly a 1.5%…

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Stock Market Drops, Gold Tanks… What Happens Next?

Wednesday, April 17 2013 | 2 Comments

If you’ve turned on financial television or opened the financial section of your local paper, you probably know the stock market has dropped a few percent the last few days.  You also probably know that gold has plummeted (about 12% since last week). Why did these drops happen?  What happens next?  That’s what I’m covering…

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