Is Today the Start of a Big Stock Market Correction?

Wednesday, May 22 2013 | Leave a comment

Earlier today the stock market hit new intra-day highs for the year…then Ben Bernake, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, dropped a bomb on the markets. The market didn’t like the news, so a 2% selloff occurred in less than 4 hours. Ouch!! So what did Bernake say that drove the markets bonkers? Check out today’s…

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Market Update – August 18, 2011

Thursday, August 18 2011 | Leave a comment

Another nasty day on Wall Street – with the Dow down about 470 points (4.4%) with an hour left of trading.  You never know, but I’m going to speculate there won’t be a late day rally pushing the market positive.  This drop pushes the US markets close to their lowest point for the year. As…

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A Good Way to Time the Market?

Friday, August 5 2011| 1 Comment

After my last post I got an email asking about “the golden cross” or “the death cross.” For those not familiar with the terms I’ve recorded a video for you below. Basically the “Golden Cross” refers to when the stock market’s 50 day average price moves above the 200 day average price. This is seen…

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